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I am an artist and studio jeweler, designing and fabricating art jewelry in my home studio since 2001. Rocks, crystals, and mineral formations are my focus. My jewelry designs emerge from the stones. Irregular shapes and natural surface textures prompt contemporary styling. I purchase stones from reputable dealers and established lapidary artists. Some stones are purchased directly from the miners.

Natural stones resonate with earth energy. Hand-fabrication silversmithing techniques transform the stones into wearable art. I think of my pieces as modern-day amulets, designed for comfort and wearability, and energetically imbued with healing qualities.

More than a fashion accessory, my jewelry facilitates healing and self-love.

My quest to learn more about the mystical qualities of stones led me to an exploration of various healing modalities. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner, 500 hour RYT (registered yoga teacher), ordained Reverend of the Church of Inner Light, and a certified Master of Crystology.  Everyday I infuse all of my stones and jewelry with Reiki healing energy- energizing each stone with the intention of unity and healing for the earth and all of humanity.