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Custom orders are welcome. If you have a stone you would like transformed into a piece of wearable art, or a special occasion that warrants the creation of a unique piece of jewelry, please contact me. I have a wide array of stones to choose from to help commemorate any life event.

Jocelyn Hunter your jewelry is so beautiful! I LOVE your work!


Identify your intention. Are you honoring a moment in your life, or directing energy toward something new? Perhaps you need a piece of jewelry to remind someone they are loved. Whatever the reason, be in touch with your inspiration and be prepared to explain it in a meaningful way.


The stones you use are the focal point of the piece. Respect your intuition in choosing the right set. They may be ones you supply yourself, or chosen from my hand-picked collection. I frequent gem shows and have connections with local miners, so rest assured that your inspiration will find its match.


Throughout the creative process we will meet to keep in touch with your vision for the final piece. You will have a hand in the journey from start to finish, and correct sizing is guaranteed. The finished work will be a comfortable addition to any attire, connecting you to the piece in a perfect harmony.